Looking for a convenient way to test for COVID-19? Functional Health and Wellness in DFW offers a wide range of wellness services that are designed to promote overall health including COVID-19 testing with same day results. A COVID-19 test may be necessary for some functions and employment and can easily be administered discreetly within our office.

covid 19 testing

At Functional Health and Wellness in DFW, we strive to help you to enjoy the best possible health and that means offering a variety of testing including COVID-19. Blood tests are often used to monitor your general health and wellness goals and to help us, and you, to understand what may be hindering your ability to reach these goals. Blood tests can benefit athletes, those who are planning to lose weight and anyone who wants to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

If you would like to take a COVID-19 test or would like to be examined for another ailment, reach out to us and schedule an appointment today. Call us at 972-668-7500 to schedule your appointment, or you can visit us online at https://dfw-wellness.com to learn more about the services that we offer.