Without hormones, your brain function may be foggy. You may gain weight and even notice that you are not sleeping well. You may experience severe mood swings or other symptoms that are all attributed to age, and you may feel that you have to live with these symptoms. Fortunately, there is hormone therapy in DFW that can help.  Hormones are needed in the body to control certain bodily functions. As you age, your production of hormones will slow. This is why women go through menopause and men often spiral into mid life crisis. For a quality life, hormone therapy may be needed.

hormone therapy

If you have questions about hormone therapy, Functional Health and Wellness has answers. Hormone therapy is simply reintroducing hormones into your body in a safe and effective way. Bio-identical hormones have proven to be very effective in slowing the aging process with regards to mood swings, lack of sleep, weight gain and certain other symptoms. This type of hormone therapy is much more effective than creams or potions and is minimally invasive. Done in an office setting, hormone therapy in DFW can help you to feel like yourself once again, and this therapy may be covered by your insurance.

Contact Functional Health and Wellness for answers to your hormone questions.  We are happy to explain the procedure to you and help you to determine if hormone replacement therapy is right for your wellness needs. Call us today at 972-668-7500 to schedule your appointment or find us online at https://dfw-wellness.com to learn more.