Whether you’ve been noticing some flu-like symptoms or would like to make sure you are safe around friends and family, we now offer COVID-19 testing at FH&W.  Now is the time to contact us to make a convenient appointment for testing along with our other holistic functional health and wellness services in DFW.

covid 19 testing

The doctors and wellness specialists here at FH&W take a professional approach when testing for COVID-19. With cases rising rapidly in all areas of the US, not only are more people seeking out to be tested but more people are  wondering if they should get tested because of potential exposure.  At Functional Health and Wellness, not only do we offer COVID-19 testing, but we also offer same day results to make it extremely convenient.

You can find convenient COVID-19 testing in DFW today at FH&W. You can learn more about our testing and how this service can help keep you safe by browsing through our website, https://dfw-wellness.com. If you have any questions or you’re ready for a consultation, then please call us today or you can send us a message.