The use of hemp as medicine has a long history, and despite the stigma associated with using parts of the Cannabis Sativa plant for medicinal purposes in the last century, this versatile plant and its healing properties is returning as a more popular alternative for those suffering from different health conditions. Here at FH&W, we’re a strong believer in and prescriber of cannabinoid wellness for DFW residents suffering from pain, anxiety, and a whole range of other ailments.

cannabiniod treatment

The caring and experienced medical doctors and health specialists here at FH&W are interested in helping the patient as much as we can by implementing solutions that treat the root causes of the illness or health condition. In the case of cannabinoid wellness in DFW, we continue to offer our CBD oil to patients who are struggling with health issues such as pain, inflammation, digestion problems, appetite problems, anxiety, sleep disorders, and other illnesses. We firmly believe that cannabinoid use can and does improve the lives of those who are suffering from certain ailments, and if you or your loved one is currently suffering and are interested in cannabinoid treatment, then we at FH&W will be happy to help you or your loved one.

Learn more today about our approach to cannabinoid wellness in DFW and how we can help you. You can get started with learning more by browsing through our FH&W website, If you’d like to schedule an appointment or you have any questions, then please contact us today by phone or through the contact form found on our website.