For decades, it was believed that taking vitamin and mineral supplements orally was the way to overall good health. Today however, studies have shown that the human body will only absorb about half of the vitamins that are taken by mouth. This means that if you are taking a vitamin every day, you are only getting a fraction of the minerals that are included in that vitamin. So, how do you get the minerals that you need? IV therapy in DFW has proven to be very effective in keeping bodies healthy.


Because the stomach absorbs part of the vitamins that are swallowed, oral supplements are simply not as effective as IV therapy. IV therapy in DFW gives you 100 percent of the minerals that you want. IV therapy has been proven to be effective for a number of wellness issues from dehydration to fatigue, hangovers, cold and flu symptoms and even weight loss. This therapy is performed in an office setting and takes only about half an hour to finish.

Functional Health and Wellness offers IV therapy that can help you to feel your best. Whether you want to slow down the aging process, are recovering from the flu or are generally feeling listless, this therapy is a fast and effective way to get you back on your feet. Call us today at 972-668-7500 to schedule your appointment or visit us online at to learn more about the benefits of IV therapy.