Bio-identical hormone therapy is using hormones to treat certain medical issues that may be tied to hormonal imbalance. Those who are considering bio-identical hormone therapy in DFW should understand how these hormones can help and what specific issues they are typically used to treat. Bio-identical hormones are those that are specifically designed to be chemically identical to hormones that are produced naturally by the body.

hormone therapy in DFW

Bio-identical hormone therapy in DFW can be used to treat a variety of issues that could be caused by hormonal deficiencies. These hormones can include estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Hormone therapy has been used effectively for treating certain issues that occur with natural aging. During the early 40s and later, people begin to experience a natural drop in hormones. This drop can cause certain medical issues such as fatigue and anxiety and can cause weight gain and cognitive issues.

Replacing hormones naturally is an effective way of treating these deficiencies in a more natural way than some other treatments. Hormone therapy can improve cognitive function, help with sleep, weight loss and a variety of other issues. Functional Health and Wellness provides bio-identical hormone therapy that offers a wide range of benefits to your overall health. If you feel that this therapy may benefit you, we invite you to call us today at 972-668-7500 to schedule your initial consultation. You can also learn more about this therapy by visiting us online at